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A narcissist can dish it out but he cant take it in. He is very intuitive and manipulative and he knows exactly what to do and say to make you love him. It's not so bad for girls who just want a handsome guy to make her feel special because once he doesnt make her feel special anymore, she will just find another. but to a woman who really loves and cares, he will pull at her heart strings and make her want to help and comfort him and don't give up by telling her how messed up he is and looking to her for love and acceptance. Once he has her devotion and care for him locked in tight with emotional attachment. Then he begins the abuse. She stays because she believes that he needs love and patience and forgiveness, someone to look part his bad behaviour and believe that he is not all bad and he can change. He feeds on her emotions while abusing her. But if someone could hurt him like that, he wouldn't be able to take it for a moment. He could never display the strength and endurance that his victims display.
wow! insightful comments here! yes, manipulation and pity is the motto for a narcissist. They are troubled beyond repair, it is a realization that takes a lot of time on the part of the victim!
you're welcome. but i dont know if its a sense of obligation as much as it is a heart feelt desire to help what we believe to be just a troubled person who really needs us to believe in and care for them. its just a compassion and care that is not easily broken. for me it took two yearr to see the truth abov the person i was dealing with. i realized that ihe is more than troubled bv sadistic and beyond reach. its hard to face that reality but it turned me against him and i exposed him publicly for his abusive ways.
@pomolo2015 Definitely!! It can be hard to want to think that way of someone,b ut you really have to sometimes. You did well @MelissaMae!! Stay strong!!
The most scary, dangerous kind of relationship, because the victim involved usually thinks they have an obligation to make things "ok" for the other one. Which is so not true!! Really useful info here...thanks for sharing.
Oh no! I don't assume there's anything wrong with you. I'm so sorry that you're in pain, and I wish I could do something to help. If it means anything, I think you sharing this story is really good not only for you but for others who may have a similar experience. You have guts.
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