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Make these small changes and see the results of your productivity stack up!

1. Write things down

Whether in a planner, post-its or on a dry-erase board writing things down physically increases retention.

2. Spend 10 minutes in the morning cleaning up

Your ability to find things is the base of good organization.If you wake up and tidy up things around you, especially on your desk, bedside table, or bathroom you'll feel a lot better. Also, if you do this little bit of cleaning each day you will avoid catastrophic messes.

3. Throw away at least 2 useless things per day

Sometimes we can hold on to things we don't need, like old notebooks from school or old clothes that don't fit. Get rid of a few of these things per day and you'll be more organized before you know it.

4. Always have a notebook handy

If you get a random idea, or remember something you need to do you won't forget it if you write it down. This kind of goes along with number one, but still!

5. Plan Your Outfits a day in advance

With laundry and whatnot this can be hard, but for those of us heading into the big boy/girl jobs soon this is an essential tip. It'll cut down on your prep time in the morning and you'll have something to look forward to before work!