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See the blue VW Van? Apparently, it's a home. The device you see on the street is a remote flying object, like a kite (sorta). Anyhow, a few seconds into the clip you're going to hear the angry ramblings of a drunk man. Shortly after, you're going to see the grotesque man come into view of the camera.
What happens next, you have to see for yourself!
Drones are creepy. I'd probably smack that thing down too. Especially if I were drunk. "TAKE THAT, BIG BROTHER!!!"
Big brother is one thing, but these were just regular guys having fun in a public place in the daytime. Nothing nefarious about that. Then Honey Boo-Boo (as a man from the future) comes along and destroys it before it's 2 feet off the ground. That's just wrong. Especially when you consider that these RFOs cost upwards of $2500