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Jaba The Hut Look-Alike Gets Angry
See the blue VW Van? Apparently, it's a home. The device you see on the street is a remote flying object, like a kite (sorta). Anyhow, a few seconds into the clip you're going to hear the angry ramblings of a drunk man. Shortly after, you're going to see the grotesque man come into view of the camera.
What happens next, you have to see for yourself!
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Drones are creepy. I'd probably smack that thing down too. Especially if I were drunk. "TAKE THAT, BIG BROTHER!!!"
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Big brother is one thing, but these were just regular guys having fun in a public place in the daytime. Nothing nefarious about that. Then Honey Boo-Boo (as a man from the future) comes along and destroys it before it's 2 feet off the ground. That's just wrong. Especially when you consider that these RFOs cost upwards of $2500
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