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I enjoy shopping in store because I can actually try on the clothes but sometimes shopping online has its only benefits (e.g. exclusive products and promo codes). However, one of the biggest challenge I always face when shopping online is time. The point about online shopping is saving time but I spend way too much time browsing and editing the shopping cart because I am so indecisive. So, I developed a system that can help me breeze through online shopping and hopefully it can help you.

1. Know your measurements.

Sizes vary depending on the brand, so unless the store uses True Fit sizing, you're going to take out you measuring tape and take note of your bust, waist hips and inseam. If you don't know how to do it, take a trip to your local tailor and have them do it for you.

2. Check the size charts.

Some stores carry multiple size (e.g. petite, tall, regular), so make sure you take a glimpse at the chart before checking out. Another thing you might want to look at is the size the model is wearing. Her height can sometimes give you reference of how long or short a piece actually is.

3. Read the reviews.

This one you should all do when purchasing clothes online. Customer reviews give you real perspective on the piece you’re considering. Take note of size, fit, and quality because not every product is true to the photo.

4. Research materials.

I remember ordering a white shirt thinking it'll be thick enough to wear over my undergarment, but when it arrive it was thin and see-through. Since you can’t touch the fabric, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different type of fabric.

5. 360 View.

Photos can be deceiving, so if you have an opportunity to see a piece in action, jump on it. ASOS, Warehouse and Net-a-Porter are just a few of the sites who include videos alongside product shots to give shoppers an idea of how clothes look IRL.

6. Be flexible.

Be aware that how a color appears on-screen may not translate the same way in person. Not only that, but color can also change from batch to batch. And while you should be prepared for your products to arrive in a slightly different hue, if it doesn’t match even your adjusted expectations (like burnt orange turning up neon), definitely send it back.

7. Be familiar with the return policies.

There will be times you have to return a product, so before purchasing take a look at the return policies. Things to look for: free returns, how long you have to send the product back, refunds or exchanges.

8. Take note.

This point is a true time saver. Keep a list of online shops you frequent and take note of teh sizes you normally order. The next time you purchase at the same shop it'll be a whole lot easier.

9. Befriend your neighborhood tailor.

Don't be discourage if an doesn't fit like a glove. Since I'm petite, most of my jeans have to be tailored. So, if your clothes are too long or too wide you can get them altered by a tailor or seamstress.

10. Edit your cart.

It's easy to make impulsive purchases. I usually let items sit in the cart for a couple of days before making the purchase. That way I know if I really need that item or not. If you have a budget you have to spend wisely.
I also like waiting it out. The only time I regret waiting is when I really like one item in the cart and come back to only find it out of stock.
These tips are so handy! I actually like how long it takes me to browse though- I leave things in a cart for a couple days so that if I forget about them, I know I didn't really want them, and if I can't stop thinking about that one thing I saw online, I know it'll be worth the purchase!
@stargaze so true, that's the worst!