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Sienna Miller is one of those few celebrity that always looks great in any hairstyle. She's one of my top celebrity hair crush mainly because she loves taking risks. Her style is a blend of grungy and glamour. From braids to loose waves she always surprises us with her bob transformation. Learn how to get her bob styles!

Glamorous Waves

This style is polish and romantic. If you have an angular face shape, the chin-length hair will soften your sharp feature. To get the look: Apply a handful of styling whip on clean, damp hair, from roots to ends. Dry with a medium sized round brush. Allow hair to cool, then pick through with fingers. Deep part one side of your hair and refine shape with fingers. Finish with holding spray.

Beach Tousle

One of my favorite bob style from the Golden Globe 2015 Red Carpet and one of Sienna's best short style. It's effortless and edgy! To get the look: Evenly mist your hair with wave mist. Apply a light mist of healing oil on the tips. Then Part your hair and gently twist sections to encourage waves. Air dry your hair and periodically light your cup and lift your hair to enhance texture and volume.

Gothic Braids

Perfect for second day hair or for extremely hot weather. To get the look: Mist hair from mid-length to ends. Brush through it and part hair in center. Keep one side out of the way. Start French braiding one side at the front hairline and secure it with a clear elastic. Repeat on the other side. Finally cross braids over at the nape and pin it to place.
I'm overdue for a haircut and I'm considering getting a bob. This card would be helpful once I get my haircut.
@stargaze glad you liked it. @AvocadoLove yeah, it can be a little dark and gloomy.
I love the last hairstyle but not the vampy lip color.