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I've always wondered how writers like J.R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks manage to write a world and then live in it. How do you create such a vivid world, with so many details, and keep it accurate? How do you learn the details of the this world, flesh them out, even if you know they may never make it into a book?
Apparently, your imagination simply loves doing it. This TEDx talk by Terry Brooks talks about writing in the world of high fantasy, and I love it!!
I am intrigued by prolific writers - I cannot finish anything - so it was cool to hear about the time it took for the first books. It has to feel great to 'be' the storyteller!
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It certainly takes a large deal of dedication, and like he said, getting through the first few books takes a lot of time because you have to build the world they're be in, but after that the books have helped create the world that you will be writing it! It just takes time at first, I believe.