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The Marauders and The Slytherins
I solemnly swear I will post less Harry Potter cosplays after this week. Maybe.
In all my searching last week I found this group and I just thought of them again and wanted to share the photo!
The cosplayers involved (and there's a lot of them!)
~Ravenic as James Potter
~HarrySirius as Remus Lupin
~CanisMaior as Sirius Black
~mew-Keikei as Peter Pettigrew
~Ferrith as Severus Snape
~Jealles as Narcissa Black
~NanjoKoji as Lucius Malfoy
~Adora82 as Bellatrix Black
~Daiyame as Andromeda Black
Mona as Regulus Black
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Please don't stop posting Harry Potter cosplays, I'm really enjoying these!
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The Slytherins look so much better than the Gryffindors, lol
2 years ago·Reply