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Baby, you just don't know. You look at me as if you have never experienced a man like myself. With the help of my heart and soul, you'll find that I'm your equal. Baby, let me tell you how much I love you. When your sky is gray from life beating at you, I'll turn it blue because I hate to see you down and out but seeing you smile means the world to me. When your body is sore and hurt, my hands are ready to easy it away. You're my queen baby and I'll take care of you when your body needs soothing and tension release. When you are in need of something, I'll be there. You've had my back many times when I needed you and I love you for that. When you are stressed out, call me and tell me about your day love. Come to my place and I'll set up your bubble bath up and along with your favorite food for dinner. Spend the night baby and ease your mind with me. I want to please you and watch how you love me back. So baby, this is what you get when you want me as bad as I want you. There's nobody I want but you. You gave me a chance when all the other girls went to sleep on me. You'll be having what they can't have which is my love, affection, care, caressing, and all the above. So baby, now you know and will find out gradually
I really like the repitition of 'baby' - it makes a beat of the words and emphasizes the messaging. nice work.
A sweet confession, which I can imagine written out on paper and hand delivered, with some roses. Beautiful!
@Greggr thank you! I had to express what was on my mind or else feel some type of way for neglecting my feelings. @VinMcCarthy Thanks you! I wanted to mAke sure that my future love would understand what type of guy she Woking with. she ain't messing with a slow leak ha