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1. That is the epitome of "nailing it"
2. The look on her face says it all.
3. I too have experienced this fail.
4. Festive nails gone wrong!
5. Obviously, she was going for the abstract candy cane look.
6. Dying your eyebrows is never a good idea.
7. This "no heat" straightening tip from Pinterest was obviously a lie.
8. I'm guessing the fro wasn't exactly what she was aiming for.
9. I've actually been wanting to try this design... maybe I'll let my manicurist do it instead.
10. To be honest... the tutorial doesn't look much better.
11. Contouring though...
12. Apparently you can straighten your hair with milk?
13. Cartoon makeup has been really popular for Halloween these past few years. At least Laura got the eyebrows right!
14. Clearly, water marble nails are the devil.
15. You get the general idea.
16. I tried this once. This is basically how it turned out.