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Hello!!! everyone ^^
I prefer intense workouts, cuz I like challenging my body's capability!!!
I usually start slow and gradually build the intensity until I've worked for about 40 minutes, then I slow down for about 20 minutes to finish my workout, lets get started \(^o^)/
Thanks @nenegrint14 for this challenge idea :D


!!!Warning some songs contain coarse language... Oopsies XD!!!

1. Park Boram - Super Body

A little bit of encouragement ^^

2. Hyomin - Nice Body

Little bit more encouragement XD

3. Miss A - Only You

4. LABOUM - Sugar Sugar


5. Kumi Koda - Piece in the Puzzle

I couldn't find the song on YouTube because it's Japanese, but you should still get the general idea of the song from this teaser, it is on iTunes though ^^

6. Sekai No Owari - Dragon Night

Again can't find it on YouTube, here is the link though :)

7. Rania - Style

8. VIXX - Light Me Up


9. UNIQ - Eoeo

10. BTS - Boy In Love

11. Bastarz - Zero For Conduct

12. 4Minute - Crazy

13. Monsta X - Trespass

14. History - Might Just Die

(at this point in a workout I just might XD)

15. Mino - I'm Him


16. Bigbang - Bae Bae

17. BESTie - Excuse Me

18. B.I.G - Between Night n Music

19. Loco - Thinking About You (Feat. Jay Park)

20. Rap Monster - Do You

To finish off this routine, straight to the shower, I cannot handle being sweaty... like at all!!!!
Credit to all the owners of these videos (I do not own these videos!!!) :D
I hope you enjoyed my list! Sorry it was a little late^^
Well Well look who was a little late to the party XD JK great playlist, And you know I love you for including B.I.G, VIXX, Rania, BESTie, Loco, Sekai No Owari, Kumi Koda, Bigbang, Laboum, BTS, Rap Monster, UNIQ... I think you get the idea XD
Great playlist! 14-16 are my favorites! ^_^
@christy looking forward to it! @Ambie thanks <3 @nenegrint14 hahaha glad someone else is with me on that XD
woooh so energetic play list awesome. at ladt have free time today make sure to publish mine tonight
@jiggzy19 I love the playlists! and I completely agree about the being sweaty thing haha
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