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When I get into relationships, I get into deeeeeep relationships.
Like, much deeper than I probably should be. And I always thought this was kind of harmless, but I think that's because these deep relationships haven't lasted more than a few months, and the biggest thing I've lost is a hamster (I wasn't that sad).
But you should be careful!!!
I didn't think of it before, but this is so right. You can't just start signing up with loans with other people just because you think you're in love. Honestly, you shouldn't even put your parents names on your papers!!! It might sound selfish, but you're protecting you both should anything unexpected or bad happen. Take time to decide if it's time to commit to something together.

Don't commit a relationship DUI!!

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THat was kind of....depressing. LIke, who am I supposed to trust?!
@ChristinaBryce Sorry!!!! lol