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Date of Birth: June 6, 1986 Birth place: Seoul, South Korea Birth Animal: Tiger Blood Type: B Constellation: Gemini Height/Weight: 183cm/ 59kg Highest Education: Kyonggi University Best Friend: Kim Jaejoong, Park Yu-chun, Top, members of SS501 Habits: Swimming, American football, Gym, Football, Basketball, Fishing, Cartoon Things he dislikes: Sea (because he’s afraid of Sharks), pests (dragonfly, cicada), couple shirts Things he likes: skull-shaped decoration , Kim Hyung Jun (he said in radio program of Hyung Jun) Favorite color: Black Specialties: Sing, Dance, Bass, Piano Group he belongs to: SS501 Personality: passionate, confident and brave Way to relax: Sleep Essential things in his bag: CD player, Ipod, Wallet, Contact lens Dream girl: tender and generous girl, who he can make friend with. The age is not a problem Three wishes: 1. National football team wins the World Cup; 2. SS501 wins big prize; 3. World Peace cr: global times china
Ах is very nice dish you know...hmmm...hehehe..
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