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4 Beauty Habits That's Healthy For You
1. Drink lemon water in the morning.
You can save the coffee for later. Starting the day with warm lemon water can actually give you more energy level to power through the day. It also rebalance your body and reduce puffiness.
2. Give yourself a little beauty treat.
Whether it be a SPA, massage or manicure you need some pampering to rid off stress. Even if it is once in a blue moon the experience is totally worth it.
4. Remove makeup before you sleep.
This is one of the easiest yet hardest beauty habit to keep. Despite feeling extremely tired, washing your makeup off thoroughly by the end of the day could prevent skin troubles.
3. Smile.
According to this article, smiling makes you more attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere. Also, even in the toughest day, smiling can brighten up your (and someone else's) day.
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I have a mix of green tea with lemon in the morning and it actually wakes me up more than coffee. I think because my body is so trained to feel tired while I'm drinking coffee (even though it wakes me up later!)
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I can't fall asleep with makeup on, even if I'm taking a long nap. I've started going without makeup on airplanes and touching myself up in the bathroom before I leave. No one needs all that junk sitting on your face for longer than it needs to!
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