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If you are looking for a short rom-com drama (minus the typical K-drama clichés), Ex-Girlfriend Club is the drama for you! With only 12 episodes, this TVN drama is easy to commit to and quick to get through.
The story of this drama revolves around webtoon artist Myung Soo, his best friend and movie producer, Soo Jin, and his 3 exes. As Myung Soo tries to make his webtoon (which is about his 3 past relationships ) into a movie with Soo Jin's help, the 3 exes interfere both the production of the movie, as well as the growing love line between Myung Soo and Soo Jin.
The main attraction of this drama is their well-organized cast. Running Man ace, Song Ji Hyo is paired with Byun Yo Han, upcoming actor from the popular drama, Misaeng. These two have great on-screen chemistry and share many cheesy and cute moments, making it a very light-hearted drama to watch.
But don't worry, it's not all cheesy! Jang Ji Eun, Lee Yoon Ji, and Ryu Hwa Young play the three cunning but hilarious ex-girlfriends of Myung Soo. In the process of creating chaos for the main leads, the three exes become best friends and find solace in each other's company (although, they'd never admit it).
Jo Jung Chi and Shin Dong Mi are great comedic additions to the cast as the sister and brother-in-law of Soo Jin. And Do Sang Woo makes a memorable impression as the stuck-up yet charming second lead, Jo Gun.
The only downside of this drama is the extent to which the 3 ex-girlfriends go to ruin Myung Soo and Soo Jin. While this makes the drama a bit too unrealistic, the humor and romance make up for it.
Overall, Ex-Girlfriend Club is a short, sweet, and perfectly light-hearted rom-com drama to watch this summer!
the plot isn't strong enough. but it's okay.
@MrsChanyeol Mhm, I wish they developed the plot better but it's still a pretty fun drama to watch. ^^