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Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back and better than ever! Most '90s kids will remember these cute superheroes working hard to save Townsville, USA from villains. Cartoon Network is remaking the show, and the new version will air in 2016.
The girls above will voice the characters in the remake. Besides those changes, most of the series will remain similar to the original, however, no one has mentioned whether or not everyone's favorite villain Mojo Jojo will be back.
Powerpuff Girls was one of those awesome kid's shows that appealed to adults as well, with hidden jokes that parents can appreciate. Hopefully the remake will maintain that humor and appeal to all ages. Either way, for us '90s kids, watching Powerpuff Girls again will create some serious feelings of nostalgia.
MOOOOOOOOOOJO JOJO and the super disturbing Him devil were my favorite parts about the show. They HAVE to bring them back!
What awesome news! I'm so excited. I loved this show.
Yeah @beywatch! The Collector was really creepy too. I'm hoping they DON'T bring back Femme Fatale though. That episode doesn't need to be revisited!