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Jurassic World comes out this Friday (June 12th) and I figured that this is a good time to "tear into it", eh? Right? Come on, guys. That was good.
Obviously, I haven't seen the movie. So, I'll only be talking about what can be seen in the trailer.
"It's not about about control" says Chris Pratt -- sorry, I don't know his characters name yet -- at the beginning of the trailer.
But, isn't it all about control? The premise of all of the Jurassic Park movies is based around trying to control dinosaurs but, of course, that goes wrong and we (the audience) get to see people get eaten by computer generated thunder-lizards.
Through the rest of this trailer it's quickly explained to us, by Bryce Dallas Howard, that every time they add a new attraction to the park, their attendance goes up. Which is a good thing, right? Of course not, we came here to see dinosaurs eat people.
And that's my point. We, metaphorically, are the ones that are getting eaten by dinosaurs.
Jurassic World (the park in the movie) is a symbol for Hollywood (in real life). The new "attractions" Howard talks about? Those are symbols for Summer Blockbusters like Jurassic World (the movie).
Since I mentioned it twice already, we watch this movie to see people get eaten by dinosaurs. If you strip that down a little bit, we're kind of going to see this movie for the same reason the people go to the park -- we want to see dinosaurs.
The difference is, obviously, that we aren't going to get devoured by a prehistoric monster. Or... are we?
I'm speaking in metaphors and symbols now, so bear with me. Getting eaten by a dinosaur is the same thing as being disappointed at a Summer Blockbuster like this one. Think to yourself for a second, if you've seen any action movies this summer, were you disappointed at all (ahem, Age of Ultron)?
But you still went and saw it, right? Maybe, I'm reaching a little bit. And maybe watching a bad movie isn't exactly the same feeling as being eaten by a dinosaur. But you can't deny that there are a lot of similarities in the audience in the movie and us, the audience of the movie.
But, hey, I'm still going to see it anyway. What about you guys? Are there any parallels you can see between the movie and real life?