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Nuts About Nuts
It’s been proven that consuming 1.5 ounces of unseasoned nuts daily into your diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, while improving artery linings and lowering LDL cholesterol. Listed below are 4 types of nuts that are loaded with healthy fats and other beneficial nutrients.


Calories: 160 per oz.
Consume: 20-24 nuts per oz. Why: Improves complexion and skin quality.


Calories: 160 per oz.
Consume: 16-18 nuts per oz.
: Magnesium helps regulate muscle tone and nerves.


Calories: 70 per oz.
: 3 nuts per oz.
: Only type of nuts to contain Vitamin C.

Brazil Nuts:

Calories: 190 per oz.
Consume: 6-8 nuts per oz.
: Selenium prevents breast and prostate cancer.

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i love sprinkling some on top of a smoothie! @LanrexAdera
2 years ago·Reply
@skee292 i jst crunch 2 @ time
2 years ago·Reply
How do you eat a brazil nut? They hard az hell to open! R U guys nutz!?
2 years ago·Reply
@richardtoth nice pun! haha
2 years ago·Reply
welcome to its a nutty nutty nutty world were just nuts about nuts lol
2 years ago·Reply