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Yesterday Instagram user Ryan Emberley gave is a first look at Deadshot (played by Will Smith) in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Since it's not due to be realeased until August 2016, this is an exciting first look at the character.
It's not clear whether this is Smith or a stuntman (it has been reported that he is doing his own stunts), but this is a good shot of the full costume design. It also bodes well for the finished product; judging from these photos Deadshot looks like he's definitely going to be a major part of the action.
I dunno, does he have enough guns? Maybe he needs some more guns. Ok no, it makes sense. He's famous for being really good at shooting things. And it also looks like he has some extra ammo strapped to the chestplate as well, something that feels kind of uncommon in action movies. These images are definitely cool. I'm more excited to see official footage now for sure.