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Now we've got more BAD BLOOD...

Why Katy Perry? Yeah, okay we get it. Taylor Swift ripped on you in a song which has millions of views on YouTube. You threw some daggers at her during the super bowl. Then Taylor said someone tried to sabotage her world tour which was undoubtedly you. But instead of acting like adults, you register the song '1984' which is obviously a dig back at Swift since her album was '1989'.

You aren't fooling anyone.

The music publisher is BMI and is it a coincidence that 1984 is Katy Perry's birth year? No. We might as well scream from a mountain top that WE KNOW.
This has become such a petty secretive fight even though neither has publicly claimed they hate the other. But the hate is there in plain sight.
For now, we can just sit back and watch. You might want to grab some popcorn because this fight is just about to hit its peak.
Don't believe that Taylor Swift ripped on Perry? Watch her Bad Blood music video.

Be the judge for yourself.

Are they really still feuding over John Mayer? JOHN MAYER ISN'T WORTH THIS LEVEL OF CARE.
@beywatch They are fighting because Katy Perry hired basically all of Taylor's dancers from out under her for her own tour during Taylor's tour. It was a sabotage attempt possibly but we don't know for sure. But that's why Taylor hates Katy but Katy ignited it some say. It's 50-50 shot.
@darcysdiary Interesting you point that out! I think once people realized the similarities between Gaga and Madonna, it hurt Gaga. And the American media is vicious so if it were to come out that Perry and Swift publicly hated one another, it would hurt both of their careers. I'd say American media is far more intrusive than British media due to American culture being obsessed with celebrities to godly proportions. Right now it's she said or she did this all revolving around hints but there's no substance which keeps them relevant.
So here's the thing, this hyped secret feud is not half as entertaining to me as the Madonna-Gaga hyped feud, which I didn't even care for then. For this feud of theirs to gain traction for me, I need Camilla-style rampages. They need to take a lesson from the Brits who know how to keep the tabloids bursting with gossip.