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Netflix to the rescue! Just days after TeenNick broke plenty of teenage hearts by canceling Degrassi, the streaming service announced that it would make another season of the show to air in 2016. Netflix announced the new season, Degrassi: Next Class, on Twitter this morning.
This will be Degrassi's 15th season, and honestly, I can't keep up with the characters anymore, but Netflix promises that its series will have plenty of returning characters from season 14.
Thanks to Netflix, the series can continue its legacy as the longest running TV drama in Canada. Now I just wish Netflix would create a remake with older characters like Spinner, JT and Jimmy, but I guess Drake's a little bit busy these days.
YAY DEGRASSI! I can't wait to marathon this.
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@beywatch - I know, as embarrassing as it is, I can still find myself relatively invested in high school drama shows...
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Ain't no shame. High school drama shows are always the best.
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