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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 2010's Hesher as the titular character is a scumbag, for real. That being said, I love this movie.
It's about a boy who befriends Hesher (shown above) after his mother passes away. Hesher then ends up teaching the kid and his family a lot about life through his, somewhat, nihilistic attitude.
I don't really know how else to describe this movie other than calling it insane, beautiful, heartwarming, and ridiculous.
That trailer doesn't really tell you anything about the movie or who Hesher is, so there's a scene below that'll give you a better idea of him.
It's also the first scene I saw from the film and it convinced me to go find/rent the full feature. Lemme know what you think, especially if you saw this movie. I'd love to finally talk about it with someone!
@christianmordi Honestly, I'm not sure if it's on Netflix right now. A friend of mine... uh... well... "found"... it... and we watched it at his place.
yeah, renting
@paulisaverage i love it when movies that i want to watch are magically delivered to my doorstep.
@christianmordi, but then I rented it when I wanted to watch it again. Back when my town still had a video store, remember those?
@beywatch @jeff4122 I promise both of you that it's probably the craziest role JGL has ever played and it's the BEST.
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