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I am the queen of forgetting birthdays, to the point where I no longer buy birthday cards, I buy belated birthday advance. I have never gone so far as to forget to bake someone a cake when I promised it, but I'm getting older and its only a matter of time.
Here is a five minute, $5 recipe for a birthday cake that tastes pretty damn good! Check out the video below to see just how quickly this can be made.
What you need:
Two donuts (one iced, one plain)
A can of whipped frosting of your choice
1. Cut your donuts into three slices each (as if you were cutting a bagel open to put on cream cheese)
2. Spread frosting between each layer and stack the donuts!
3. Cover the outside with frosting as well, adding the donut icing on top for decoration.
4. EAT!!
that is smart. i'll do that for in "the laat minute " situation lol
This is actually totally adorable? I was expecting to be really grossed out (I don't like donuts) but I would make this just for the cute factor!
I love the idea of an emergency birthday cake made out of donuts. I wonder if you could pull this off with the raspberry jelly-filled kind. Those were always my favorite.