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Following up on last week's edition, here are four more songs that belong on your summer playlist.

"Rockaway Beach" - The Ramones

Short, fast, rocking stuff. An easy choice. You can start dancing now.

"Oxford Comma" - Vampire Weekend

A lot of Vampire Weekend songs could rightfully sneak their way onto your playlist, but this one is my favorite. The simple, jumpy beat screams sun. And the content is great - "Who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?" Not I, said I.
Even though I kinda do.

"Coming Home" - Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is an up-and-coming neo-soul artist from Texas. This song exploded on Spotify earlier this year, but it's really more at home during the summer months. Soul music is awesome in the summer because it's so relaxing and easy to listen to. Sit back and let Bridges take over.

"It's a Shame" - Raphael Saadiq

Awesome R&B from Raphael Saadiq, who has been all over the genre (and other genres) since the '90s. This is one of his best tunes. The guitar gets you going, the trumpets help it along, and the lyrics are easy to remember and sung in a really engaging way. I love the backup vocals, too - that echo effect is great.

Our playlist is growing. Remember to check out last week's post (found here: to see the first edition!
And just like Oxford Comma makes you want to seek out Lil Jon for infinite wisdom.
Rockaway Beach is demanding to be played with the windows down, just like Oxford Comma is demanding that you dance, immediately
AHHHHHHH. I love this. Raphael Saadiq is one of my favorites. AND "Oxford Comma". AND "Rockaway Beach" is a serious Ramones jam. It reminds me of driving on the freeway and blasting it out of my car. (Actually, it was more like the Shonen Knife version from their Ramones cover concept album, but I digress. This list rules.)