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Slut. A word used by friends and foe alike. Everyone both loves and hates a slut. People want to be them and people need to talk about them. Personally I love sluts, they have the best stories and are the funnest people to party with. Shout out to all my sluts because I love you. Then there is the word prude. Always, always an insult. Especially when uttered by a horny boy who finally realizes he isn't getting laid. Tragic. they believe the only people who think its “cool” to still be a virgin in college is your parents, and they honestly should always think you are a virgin until you have a child. They can’t handle anything else honestly.
Being a virgin in this day and age is always compared to being a “unicorn”, the stupidest of all made up creatures. Yet while friends call them a unicorn, virgin and prude always go hand in hand. Which is completely unfair to all virgins out there. Its insane actually!! You either slept with to many or not enough people. Someone please tell me the magic number that women have been missing for centuries!
People wait to have sex for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of the many. They are waiting for someone they love. Modern day romances are a lot different then the movies. Full of beer breath, awkward grinding, late night texts of “cum over hahaha” and just all around laziness, sex has become typical, a norm, somethings to expect and not get excited over. Rather then remember the guys who took your virginity by the frat letters he wore, some girls want to have a deeper connection. There is nothing wrong with that!
They are uncomfortable with their body. I don’t care what you look like every girl has something they hate about themselves; I blame society, the media, etc… However, some girls are more uncomfortable then others. Having a total stranger seeing them naked sounds like a nightmare. Don't even start on a stranger touching them. Some girls just know that they need to be with someone they totally trust to feel comfortable! It makes sense, if you aren't comfortable, it will not be a good time.
They just don't want to have sex yet! Just like it is no ones business how many people you have slept with, it is no ones damn business why people HAVENT slept with someone.
So please, stop making virgin unicorn jokes. Because virgins aren't the lamest of all mythical creatures and they definitely don't have a horn anywhere near their face, so lets just all stop the shocked gasps of, "Omg you're a virgin still, no way."
Some people also just don't like sex! There are plenty of asexuals in the world who feel pressured to be someone they're not.
@ChristinaBryce timing seriously is everything!! And i know, as a writer I love how much power words possess but sometimes we give to much or the wrong type of power to a word and it is just all downhill from there!
There's also the just haven't had the right moment yet, which was my case for a long time!! Dated a guy for a long time in high school, but neither of us were ready for sex at that time. Then, I went through a lot of short relationships (less than 2 months) when again, it wasn't time yet! People are so quick to assume so much just based on word (virgin, or, slut) when it's totally ridiculous!!