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N.W.A (sans Dr. Dre) will reunite in Los Angeles on June 27 for the BET Experience concert. Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella–three of the five original members of the Cali based collective will perform many of their classic cuts and bring out numerous special guests during their live set on BET. If all falls into place as planned, this will be the most important concert performance in rap music this summer.
For those under a rock, this past year has been riddled with police vs. citizen turmoil within the urban community. There has been riots across America as people have become fed up with the lack of justice within cases of police brutality. Very few groups handled controversy within this topic like N.W.A. This performance could move citizens into action and motivate artists to create more music discussing the injustice within the community as well.
The performance also takes place weeks before the Aug 14th release of the N.W.A. biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ When speaking on the movie and the time period the movie was centered around in, Ice Cube said “At the time, Daryl Gates, who was the chief of police over at the LAPD, had declared a war on gangs. A war on gangs, to me, is a politically correct word to say a war on anybody you think is a gang member. So the way we dressed and the way we looked and where we come from, you can mistake any kid for a gang member. Any good kid. Some of them dresslike gangbangers, and they go to school every day because that’s the fashion in the neighborhood. So to declare that, it meant a war on every black kid with a baseball hat on, with a T-shirt on, some jeans and some tennis shoes. So it was just too much to bear, to be under that kind of occupying force, who was abusive. It’s just, enough is enough. Our music was our only weapon. Nonviolent protest.”
Hip-Hop needs this show, lets hope fans come are locked in and support the concert and movie.