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It's been a few days since Friday when Rodrigo Alves went under the knife for the 32nd time!!! US Weekly is the only magazine to get pictures. I'm glad he survived the procedure to tell the tale.
This is just too much. However, he would disagree with me.
The surgery was 8 hours costing him $25,000 for a hair transplant now upping his total surgery cost total to $250,000. WOAH.

Here's what $250,000 can do for you :

- 4 nose jobs
- jaw reconstruction
- cheek and chin fillers
- eye lifts
- 5 liposuction treatments
- follicular unit transplantation
- little maintenance procedures, etc.

"I'm going to be turning 32 in July and clearly the signs of aging are starting to show up." - Rodrigo Alvez

"I take so much pride in my look and losing hair has been extremely distressing. In order to go out [pre-surgery] I used a colored hair makeup to cover the missing gaps of hair on my head." - Rodrigo Alvez

He has been taking pills and lotions to stimulate hair growth but he's now having plasma injected into his scalp. He appeared on E! Show 'Botched' in May but I think he's unfixable. But I mean if he's happy, power to him.

"Plastic surgery has changed my life. I am much more confident and happy today. There are a lot of trolls online and people's opinion hasn't had an impact at all. People started to nickname me, but it doesn't bother me - I have fun with it. I'm truly happy with my look."

Okay dude. Cool.
At what point does one realize it's become a problem? I don't know. I feel like there's a line, I just don't know where it is. So like I said, I am ALL FOR cosmetic surgery, but certainly not like the human ken or human barbie. But the line seems obscure to me. Like, I have my own limits. It's just different for everyone I suppose, though I am not sure.
@redridergirl I completely agree with what you've pointed out! Many physicians do turn patients away when the frequency of plastic surgery becomes too much dealing with one patient. But many physicians will agree to performing plastic surgery because of MONEY and if a TV Show like Botched on E! comes into your office, you're going to feel some peer pressure to agree to the patients terms. Kinda sad. And regarding the patients themselves, I believe that they have a mental image problem. Sorta how anorexic people don't think of themselves as skinny. The patients constantly think that plastic surgery will make an improvement to their looks and confidence and they become addicted.
I hope this Human Ken gets along with Human Barbie a lot more than the last one did.
He looks slippery. Ew.
Wow! Seems so sad to not love one's self enough. A little bit is one thing but overboard is totally another. How do the Physicians get away with doing these procedures to them still time after time? It's like pumping drugs into MJ or Whitney or Anna Nicole. Is no one responsible for saying NO to these people who can't say NO to themselves when they have clearly had way too much plastic surgery? I know there is supposed to be protocol in place but it doesn't seem to be followed in some cases. I realize to each his own!
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