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I've decided that in the vein of my collection Take a Picture, Make a Story, I also wanted to do something similar with poetry. I have come to really appreciate poetry as I've gotten older, and so I think that the way pictures can serve as prompts for stories, there must also be something that will do the same for poetry.
To that end, I've decided to piggyback off of user jeff4122's collection Lyric of the Day, and begin using these lyrics as prompts to create poems around. I recognize that songs are basically already just that, but I also figure that there's always room for a creative re-imagining of words, and that's what I'm gonna do! So this is me, kicking it off with the first LoTD.

LoTD: What would we be without wishful thinking?

What would we be without wishful thinking?
Where would we go to stop ourselves from sinking?
Deeper and deeper, into realms of thought unthunk
How would we escape from these nightmares,
If not for the wishes in our thoughts
how do we know if our battles won were hard-fought?
Weapons of war, battle in our heads
steel meeting steel, the crashes of weaker wills breaking
without wishful thinking, it'd all be for naught.
thanks you! It wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for your collection. as long as there are L(s)oTD, there can be P(s)oTD.
This is awesome. The idea is clever but the execution is above and beyond! Can't wait to see some more and hopefully jump into a few of my own