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Mobile apps have emerged as a great form of entertainment for many people who on the go. For brands, mobile apps also provide a great way to cultivate brand awareness. A couple rappers have seen the void of mobile apps within the hip-hop community and filled to gap.
Rappers have seen great success with mobile apps recently. A mobile app, when used properly is a powerful weapon. Jay-Z used an app to help share his book “Decoded” to the world. In 2013, Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco announced his partnership with mobile app Higi as the creative director and investor of the health and wellness app.
Some apps have proven to be great forms of entertainment as well. Emojis have become the new language of choice when it comes to texting and the Bay Area Based God Lil B has capitalized on that by creating his own app called “Basedmoji.” At the peak of Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Nigga" popularity, the BK rapper launched an app for fans to create .gifs of their Shmoney Dances and share with friends.
Artists that are smart have found ways outside of music to tap into streamlines of new capital. If this trend continues, we could see a huge uptick in new apps created by rappers.