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Instagram announced last week that it will expand its advertising to all marketers, and they are also expanding a new feature that would allow instagrammers to click on the ads to buy the product. Instagram told NPR, "people will be able to learn about a product or service and then take action directly from an ad to sign up on a website, buy a product, or download an app."
Millennials (like myself) feel betrayed. How could Instagram do this to us? The app itself allows us the freedom to pick who we want to follow. (Whether that’s a thousand cat accounts or just 12 of our closest friends.) Ads feel invasive.
But tech companies are finally applauding the Facebook-owned app, as Instagram has finally solved its money problem.
Is there another way to solve the money problem and save our favorite photo-sharing app?
Dear Instagram, I promise I’ll shop if you give me an ad-free photo feed” An article written by Jenni Avins has a new idea, "I don’t really want to see paid ads in my Instagram feed at all, but I’m already following scores of brands that could easily sell me something. Many already are. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts happen to be those of small-to-medium sized boutiques; naturally, their owners have a strong visual sense.”
I’m a huge fan of Instagram and I check it daily. Not sure I’ll enjoy it with all the ads popping up in my feed. We are already following brands, why not add a feature that allows us to buy the products we want? Maybe if Instagram expanded on this idea, we could all feel a little less betrayed.
Hahaha I totally feel ya @marshalledgar! Only the things I like please Instagram!
well since they're owned by FB, I imagine they will have a fancy algorithm to determine which ads they think will be relevant to users. @nicolejb but...its all conjecture. if I see ads for Toyota or audi, I'm going to grab a sharpie, poster board, and protest.
I think most of them are just going to come right into our photo feed. Which for me is a little annoying @marshalledgar
how fascinating. I love the idea of ads. however, my concern is the method by which those ads will show up. that will determine if I am cool with it or not