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With summer here, it means that picnic season has officially begun! Let these gorgeous images inspire you to leave tables and chairs behind, and venture into a sunny field armed with a basket, a blanket, and of course, lots of delicious food!
Photos by @ehgg, @agathinaaa, and @elisabeth.eden
I always want to invest in one of those wicker picnic baskets, but I always talk myself out of it and tell myself I'll never picnic. Maybe this year, I'll finally do it. These pictures have inspired me hahaha
My eyes ZOOMED to the brie in the first picture. I have been having a serious baked brie craving this past week and I think its high time to finally give in.
wat a summer spread! out in d sunshine, cool breeze, scenic countryview complete wit wicker basket, hats n loving company...aaaa...:):):)
Gorgeous, right @suranimh?? Looking at these pictures makes me want to go have a picnic right this very instant :D I can't imagine a more perfect way to enjoy this beautiful summer weather.
@caricakes, I AGREE. Baked brie is awesome!! I just love brie in general... on ritz crackers with a spoonful of apricot jam on top might be my favorite!! And, come to think of it, that's perfect picnic fare!