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When you don't feel like being bold with a red lip, but don't want to be too natural with a nude lip -- always reach for the baby pink lippie. Pink lips give you that perfect bit of color, but still allows you to be neutral and not draw too much attention to your lips.
Not sure what pink lippies are racking up store shelves? Don't worry we got you -- don't we always? Indecisive on whether you want a gloss or a lipstick? Relax, we have you covered with low, medium and high end options for you to drool over.
Step into the office while you get the deets on what colors are popular and pink-fect just for you!
Revlon Pink Pout ($7.99):
This affordable matte Revlon lipstick is a beautiful purple based pale pink tone that has a creamy consistency and is reminiscent of MAC's Snob lipstick. If you want the look for less, pucker up and grab pink pout.
MAC Cosmetics Saint Germain Lipstick ($16):
This blue-based pale pink lippie is perfect for those who don't mind a little 'umph' when it comes to their look. Although it's not too daring, it's vibrant enough to give you the perfect pout and look you're try to achieve.
NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss ($26.00):
This pale pink lipgloss is perfect for any complexion and looks great anytime of the day. A little bit goes a long way and the milky consistency of the gloss allows it to go on smooth enough for your liking.