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Cat got your tongue?

Just after she cancelled her entire Great Escape Tour, she's now canceling this performance. And some anti-fans even collected up to 17,000 signatures for a petition to take her Billboard Music Award back. Not fun. Looks like Iggy needs a break. Maybe her success was too good to be true? She either needs to reinvent herself or she's going to become old news really quickly.

She tweeted this on June 8 at 8:01 p.m.

The parade will go on just fine without her. Besides, no one wanted her there anyway after some LGBT groups pulled up past tweets of hers which she used derogatory words like 'dyke' and 'homo' causing a media storm against her performing.
Watch what you say, Iggy.
@alywoah I don't think she's truly sorry. She's only sorry it's hurting her career. This whole thing was manicured by a publicist and an uproar on social media against her.
I'm so embarrassed for her. I hope this is a good lesson in thinking before you speak aka fully understanding the weight behind the words you choose.
Oohh I agree with you. @cullenquigley
Yeah, she has said a lot of awful things in the past, including racist, sexist, and homophobic speech. Reasons why I am not really fond of her. I understand being young, but I wonder if she's sorry because got caught, or because she has truly learned how hurtful her comments can be, even if some of them were just "ha-ha jokes". (>_>)