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Me and Earl and The Dying Girl comes out this Friday (June 12th). And I haven't been more excited to cry in my entire life.
After watching the trailer, I can already tell that it will probably be one of my favorite movies to come out this year. The one thing that really drew me to it is that Greg (Thomas Mann) and Earl (RJ Cyler) are amateur filmmakers.
Any time a movie includes aspects of filmmaking, I eat it up. So, part of me already knows that I'm going to enjoy this one.
Check out the trailer below and lemme know what you think!
Earl sold me at "punk-ass cat".
Sounds interesting! I want to release the movie in my country, Korea.
I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE TOO. I tear up just watching the trailer.
@nicolejb, ugh tell me about it, I had hard time keeping together while writing this card! @ido4u, hopefully they get international distribution, that'd be awesome. @beywatch, The way Earl talks to cats is the way we should all talk to any animal. In my opinion anyway, hahaha