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And we thought this day would never come!
Super Junior's Heechul finally got a much-needed haircut while on the show A Style For You, in an attempt to raise his search rankings alongside fellow SuJu members.
While most fans are happy to see his new look, Heechul seems to be grieving the loss of his favorite hairstyle (which was well-documented on his Instagram).
He posted the before and after haircut photos on Instagram with the following tags: “Good Bye… #HasALotOfMoneyButMustBeLonelyStyle #LastPicture #Farewell #Bye #MyPreciousHair” Clearly, someone misses their old hair!
He looks very different with his new short hair but it seems to suit his face!
@stevieq I never got used to the old one LOL. I LOVE this new hair :D
@adikiller He does look cute and different! @PassTheSuga Hahaha, I don't miss the old hair at all! @christy He does make both styles look good! ^_^
Ohhhh snap! Ain't gonna lie..... imma miss his hair (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)......... ................... Okay, I'm over it. DIVA WERK!!!
@poojas lol I guess I was too chill with it
I miss the old (got used to it) but I'm loving the new look too
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