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We all admire them, and according to Stephen Hawking there are an infinite number of parallel universed where they could exist (if One Direction gets a universe where Zayn is still in the band, we should get to have a world with Spider-Woman, just sayin'). Ever wondered which heroine you might be most like if you donned the cape and cowl? Fear no more.


You can be severe and unforgiving, dangerous at both ends, but you're entitled to your fierce pride, becuse it's hard-won. You'd be Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff.


Accustomed to shifts in mood and ideas, you tend to be clever when most people re mking the same mistakes over and over, and you can adapt to any circumstances. Your Marvel heroine alter-ego is Storm, Ororo Munroe by day.


You're full of righteous fury, but that doesn't mean you lack compassion. You tend to be strong-willed, comfortable in command or on your own, and you are always honest. This makes you reliable and trustworthy. You would be Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers.


You're fast to fight, and fast to forgive. While this can cause problems for you, your loyalty is absolute, and the relationships you keep are very close, if extreme. You would have a lot in comkon with Jennifer Walters, who you might know as She-Hulk.


Often torn between extremes, you often work better as part of a team. Thouh some of your ideas might be percieved as too radical, ultimately your creativity is your most valuable asset, because it means you're able to see beyond problems to find the best solutions. You'd be Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff.


You are all about balance. You tend to be skilled at resolving disputes and finding common ground, though sometimes this means you compromise too much of yourself. Your Marvel alter-ego is just as skilled at the tightrope balancing act as you: she is Spider-Woman.


You are goal-oriented, and you like having your target in your sights. While sometimes this means things get left behind or forgotten, you are usually very skilled at keeping things in perspective, and don't sweat the small stuff. You have that in common with Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye.


You are extremely empathetic. Though sometimes this leaves you vulnerable, you're also very emotionalky strong, so you can always bounce back, even when you're feeling like you are at your worst. In another universe, you would be Elektra.


You don't lack courage. This means you often get what you want, because you are brave enough to pursue it. Sometimes it is necessary to apply that bravery to your personal life, as that can be challenging for you. You would have a lot in common with Gamora. Thanks for saving the galaxy, by the way.


Your youthful virbance is infectious, and people can't help but gravitate around you. Your presence is always welcome, and you tend to do well in groups. Sometimes your naivete might be taken advantage of, but your supporters will be looking out for you. You would be Dazzler, aka Alison Blaire.


Capricious in nature, you tend to be fierce and critical, especially when you frel trapped. However, you are your own best advocate, and almost never get taken advantage of. You would have a lot in common with Maya Lopez, aka Echo.


You have built a strong support network for yourself, and you're not afraid to ask for help when you need it. That being said, you are often on yiur own, and have thr strength to be capable and independent. You would be Monica Rambeau, who doesn't need an alter-ego because she's badass enough on her own.
Awesome!! I would be Elektra!
OF COURSE, I get the most fabulous of the ladies, Dazzler. Maybe I'll do some genderbent cosplay the next time I go to a con!
i got storm :)
@shannonl5 Most definitely!
Aquarius very nice. I actually like this result lol
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