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Sometimes life just becomes to much. Everything seems to be going wrong on the same day. Actually strike that, everything is going wrong all at once and life just smacks you in the face a few times.
It is times like these where it is nice to think past your current situation. Remember that while everything seems to be falling down around you, life is magical and works in ways we can never ever explain.
I am just saying, sometimes it is easier to imagine all these amazing things while looking at the stars and the great expanse of the universe or maybe an ocean. But if you can’t do that its ok, just google some pictures or something.
Mermaids are totally real and here are some reasons why you should believe it. I have a friend who knows this crazy old fisherman (there always seems to be a crazy old fisherman I know). Anyway, he always talks about this huge, deep sea fish they caught. Pretty normal. So heres the crazy part, There were these crazy hand made spears stuck to the side of the fish as if is was attacked! They were made from drift wood and rocks, not metal like a human diver would use to take on this huge fish. Also, a human diver would not try to kill a fish that big with a spear anyway. So what speared this fish?
Obviously mermaids. And why wouldn't you want them to exist. Knowing there are entire other creatures living under the waves is amazing and awe inspiring.
Big Foot
I don't know what it is about people and Big Foot but there is a lot of believers in the world. And I dig it. That many people can’t be wrong about this creature. Plus is it really that far of a stretch when there have been PEOPLE who were taller then 7 feet? And yeah so he lives in the woods, but so do a ton of hermits. How many hermits, who knows since we never see them all! #BigFoot
(This is the one where it will help to be looking up at the stars.) There is no way Aliens don't exist. Are we really that egotistical to believe that we are the only living lifeforms in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE ? Just think, scientists have mapped very far out into the universe, and our entire milky way solar system looks like just a blimp in the sky floating amongst the other solar systems. Its a big world out there and personally I think it’s scarier to believe that we are alone.
It’s a humbling thought and also helps make your problems seem just a tad smaller.
There isn't that much evidence about fairies, I’ll admit that one. But in Ireland they totally believe in fairies and leprechauns. There is also a ton of stories about them so the myths must have started off of some truths. Maybe they are just butterflies that can talk, who knows, but what I do know is believing in fairies make gardening a lot cooler.
Believing in the unbelievable makes difficult times more bearable. That is why people love reading or watching TV so much. It takes them away from their problems and throws them into a world where magic can truly exist. So why can’t our world be magical? Stranger things have been known to happen, like Kim and Kayne lasting for more than a year.
Mermaids are real! Embrace them :)
@esha i love that!! its just so nice to believe in something thats beyond us even if its considered as silly as big foot!
I've heard about mermaids being real. There are a lot of YouTube videos that show actual mermaids. Great post!