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Can you believe summer is finally here?! There's no better way to banish those winter blues for good than by heading outside for a sun-drenched summer picnic. The recipe for a successful picnic is utterly simple (and maybe that's why we love them so much!); you'll need a couple of friends, a cozy blanket, and, best of all, yummy food! It's simple enough to have an impromptu picnic with take out food and a towel, but why not be prepared for when the mood strikes by stocking up on a few cute picnicking essentials? Here are a few adorable and not-too-expensive options I've compiled from around the web.
The most important picnic accessory is a good, sturdy blanket. Waterproof is a big plus; comfiness is also an important factor. And then, of course, there's instagrammability – your food should have a beautiful backdrop, so there's no doubt in anyone's mind that your picnic is the best picnic.
Anorak Kissing Stags Blanket (£36, It's got a waterproof backing, is ultra-lightweight, and rolls up tight for easy transport and storage!
Kate Spade Grass Is Greener Picnic Blanket ($45, This adorable grass motif is worth the forty five bucks. Again, it's waterproof and has a handy carrying case.
Picnic Time Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote ($23.95, Amazon): It comes in a lot of colors, including some classic plaids and solids (pictured here in Black Plaid). It's made of soft polyester fleece, and has a waterproof backing. Folds up into a small tote. This one seems like great bang for your buck.
Next, you'll obviously need a chic picnic basket, unless you're saving the planet by toting your noms in a reusable bag (eco-warriors, I salute you!!). There are so many expensive, gorgeous ready-made picnic baskets out there, packed with plates, cutlery, and even wine bottle holders, but due to the fact that I am completely broke (lol, postgrad life) I'mma keep it simple.
Woven Market Tote ($39.95, Crate&Barrel): Even though this isn't expressly meant to be a picnic basket, it seems like a sturdy carry-all that could also be a great accessory for the farmers market. 18" wide and a little over a foot in depth, this could easily carry a bottle of wine, a baguette, and some assorted cheeses with room to spare!
Canasta Picnic Basket ($55, Amazon): Phew! So this is what I came up with after a lot of searching for a traditional picnic basket. It turns out it is not easy to find a basket that's sizable enough to fit a multi-person lunch, while also being cute, sturdily constructed, and (most importantly) cheap. This 18"x13.8"x11" basket is, according to the reviews, big enough to fit lunch for a 5-person family, well-made, and even has a removable lid that transforms into a flat surface for your wine glasses. Or, you know, whatever kind of glasses. I definitely don't have wine on the brain. What?
And for the finishing touch, a couple of miscellaneous picnic accessories.
18-Piece Wooden Picnic Flatware Set (Crate&Barrel, $7.95): So cheap, and way better than using plastic cutlery! They're meant for single use, but will take way less time to biodegrade than plastic. It'd be nice to just have these on hand for any casual dining situation! Contains 6 3-piece place settings.
Airtight Glass Bottle (Crate&Barrel, $6.95): Again, a total bargain. Can you tell I love Crate&Barrel? This is the perfect reusable container for bringing along some infused water, homemade lemonade, or cocktails (heh heh) on your picnic. Plus it'd make a gorgeous vase!
Bamboo Wine Table ($22, Uncommon Goods): OMG. This is genius. The ultimate accessory for a wine and cheese picnic!! You don't have to worry about spilling, which is one of the big hazards of picnicking (and wine).
So there you have it! Everything you need for a perfect picnic – just add food, friends, and wine. :) After writing this post, I'm ready to head outside right now!!
Summer. Picnic. delicious spread. fun pack. plus wonderful pairs...hmmm....
THOSE BLANKETS ARE THE CUTEST! Especially the Kate Spade one that looks like a lawn. I'd just be afraid to use it in a big park because I'd probably lose where I was sitting. It's too good of a camoflague!
@danidee hahahaha. I have more faith in you than that!! ;D @suranimh It really is a dream come true, isn't it? :))