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This past weekend was New York City's Governor's Ball music festival on Randall's Island. Festival style is always a hot topic for street style fans and documentors alike, but I personally love Governor's Ball style over Coachella or another flowercrown favoring festival because it combines city and country, ecclectic tastes and bold choices. Here are my favorite street style snaps from the weekend.
Crop-tops are often super-short and tight, combined with high-rise jeans. I love the 90's low and loose fit of her look.
A lightweight, summery look, grounded with black and leather. Plus the shades match her bandana in the cutest way.
Overalls done right. You can see the NYC influence in her all-black ensemble that keeps the overalls from going too country.
More overalls done right! Her mini black satchel and shades keep the look cool, and her sweatshirt makes it casual and comfy for uncertain weather.
Denim on denim. Don't be afraid to go there!
A sporty-chic duo if i've ever seen one. Casual for the island, but still city-slicker cool.
Black and blonde and denim all over.
A statement maxi dress like this speaks for itself. All she needs are her shades and a great carry-all, and it's a sizzling summer look.
Their dark lipstick reminds us that manhattan is only a short boatride away, but their combined carefree attitude is all for the festival.
A subtle dig at the clichéd Coachella fashion that has been done to death, and a stylish dig at that.
Her amazing hair could speak for itself, but the print on this dress is to dye for (get it?)
A New York City trendy look, with festival-ready hair and shades to bring it all together.
This look is effortlessly cool. The messy bun, the ripped knees, the slight reveal of midriff (and her drink!): how much do you want to be her right now?