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If only jeans could last forever, this world would be a much better place. But we all know that rips happen, especially with your favorite pair of jeans. When you hear that inevitable **RRRRRIIIIIIPPPPP**, don't fret — there are many ways you can rock the ripped look or cover it up.
Rock the ripped jean look.
If the rip is in the knee of the thigh area, you are in luck. Ripped jeans are very fashionable and some people will pay a LOT of money for a pair of artfully ripped jeans. I recommend putting clear nail polish around the edges of the rip on the underside of your jeans so that you can prevent fraying and more rips. You can also stitch around the holes (like in the picture) to prevent more fraying and give your jeans a unique ripped look.
Cut the jeans into cut-off shorts.
I'm not crazy — this technique does actually work (I've done it!). Slip the ripped jeans on and make a small mark with a pen on the fabric where you want the shorts to fall on your legs. Then, take the jeans off and use a strong pair of scissors to cut the pants. If you want a less frayed look, you can sew one line of stitching around each pant leg right above the end of the fabric. If you are going for a very frayed look, you can leave it without a line of stitching — the fabric will fray on its own.
Wear lacy tights underneath the jeans.
Obviously, this style isn't very practical in the intense summer heat, but it is great for fall and winter (or if you live in a slightly cooler location). Wearing a pair of lacy tights underneath your ripped jeans adds some flair and makes it looks like the rips were totally intentional and that you are just rocking an awesome style trend!
You can also cut the tights and glue the pieces in the holes so you don't have the wear the tights underneath the jeans. Just make sure you put clear nail polish on the edges of the pieces of lacy tights so that they don't run and create holes.
Patch them up.
It's time to pull out the old-fashioned patching technique. You can buy patches at a craft or fabric store or you can cut up an old flannel t-shirt (or any other print) and use it for patches. Sew the patches over the holes in your jeans and voila, a new stylish pair of jeans with some extra flair. This technique is good for rips that are anywhere on the legs or on the butt area of the jeans.
Use denim patches.
Some of us aren't so lucky as to rip the jeans in an artful area (I've ripped a pair of jeans in the crotch area before). When it just isn't possible for you to make the rip look artful, that's when denim patches come in handy. The patches are sold at craft or fabric stores and are sold in varying colors. All you have to do is cut out the patch size that best fits to the rip and either iron the patch onto the jeans or sew it on.
Visible denim patches are also in style right now so you can use denim patches as a cover up for holes or rips in more obvious areas, like on the knee or thigh area.
I love wearing tights under riiiiipped jeans.
For real! I have a couple pair of jeans I need to try the lace thing on!
The lace tight idea is pretty creative!