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If you thought you could there was only acne via face -- boy, are you in for a big surprise. There is such thing as body acne and you can literally get acne anywhere on your body believe it or not (face, chest, back, butt, etc.). Yeah, it's real out here.
For those ladies who have never suffered from acne a day in their life, we are jealous. Can't you tell? You're probably wondering what could be worse than face acne? You're thinking nothing, right? Well, you're terribly wrong. The one thing worse than facial acne would hands down be it's evil step brother, Bacne. Everyone say, 'Hello Bacne'. Bacne, (also known as back acne) is that evil step brother who makes it hard for some ladies to enjoy their summer because their back is covered in a crowd of red, sometimes inflamed pimples *ouch*.
Those summer nights you want to go out with your girls and not have to worry about being self-conscious because your back happens to be so irritated. You always end up throwing on a blazer or something of the sort, but we have news for you. In case you were curious, just like facial acne, bacne is so preventable and easy to treat!
Here are a few tips you can follow to be bacne free in no time.
Tip #1: Although it is not quoted that tight clothing enables bacne, try your best to stray away from tight clothing that creates sweat and clogged pores which eventually creates bacteria. We all know bacteria is the leading cause of acne, so be mindful in what you wear.
Tip #2: Be sure to wash your back in the shower. Never skip this step. If you can't reach your back get someone to assist or purchase a back loofah which makes washing your back both fun and easy.
Tip #3: Use a toner, astringent or some sort of topical cream following your shower to ensure the irritated area dries up and heals.
Tip #4: Drink water. Water doesn't just clear the skin on your face, but it has the capability of clearing your skin in general. It won't happen overnight, but overtime you should see a difference in your skin.
Tip #5: If your bacne is severe and your back is swollen/raw, your best bet would be to visit a dermatologist and they will be able to assist you.
Follow these steps and hope for a miracle. You'll be pulling out your backless dress and waving goodbye to that evil step brother of yours in no time. Good riddance Bacne!
Thanks girl!!! I'm literally always prone to breakouts, but tea tree oil face washes work wonders though. Trader Joes has an amazing on @allischaaff
Hahaha. Amazing tips! I'm breaking out on my face, I think because I'm all stressed out from moving – any tips @jordanhamilton??