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If you've seen any Korean variety or K-pop shows, you've heard of 4D idols. These are idols with quirky and eccentric personalities who tend to stand out in a crowd, mostly in funny and goofy ways. Here are a few of my favorite 4D idols.
1. TOP - Big Bang
Big Bang may be pretty quirky with their concepts, but TOP takes it to a whole new level as a 4D idol. When not dancing in his own little world on stage, he can be seen making weird facial expressions, wearing wacky hats, and Instagram-ing photos of furniture.
2. Park Bom - 2NE1
When she is not rocking the stage or a MV, Park Bom is either being random with her plush dolls or falling asleep with bread in her mouth (as seen in the variety show, Roommate). Bom is also often suspected to be from another planet, and thus affectionately nicknamed Alien.
3. Jackson Wang - Got7
Jackson may come off as cute and sassy, but his real 4D personality is revealed alongside his energetic and bubbly behavior when he's around people. This was seen in shows like iGot7 and Roommate, where he'd have frequent 4D moments.
4. Onew - SHINee
Often made fun of for his "genius" ideas, Onew is known for being an awkward idol. The caring and modest leader of SHINee is often clumsy as can be seen on his various appearances on variety shows.
5. Super Junior - Heechul
Heechul is the poster-child for 4D. He is known for his pranks and his lack of modesty. His silly antics are so popular that "Heechulisms" now have a fan following. Heechul shows off his vibrant 4D personality on Instagram and isn't afraid to break Idol norms.
You forgot V from Bangtan lol
Yeah V from BTS !!! I have to admit I'm 4D too ^^
@poojas OMG YAS I HAVE I was dying lmbo
@poojas Yasss ikr ^^
@poojas I hope you find him very 4D like everyone else ^^
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