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We may not see it but we change a lot every year. We change schools, we change jobs, we change what we like, we change who we date and of course, we change how we feel about ourselves. Hopefully, as we get older, we will begin to find more confidence in our bodies. With that new found, awesome confidence there is only one more important thing we need… New Clothes! Now I know everyone right now is all in for this idea. New clothes rock because no matter how stuffed our closets are, we never seem to have anything to wear. Confusing right? Wrong. We never have anything to wear because we never get rid of our old clothes. How can you truly find confidence in yourself if you are stuck wearing the clothes you liked 3 years ago? So heres what you have to do BEFORE you go shopping.
Get rid of everything you have not worn in the last year. And I mean everything. Don’t give me that, but I just need to lose the last few pounds to fit back into those jean from 5 years ago. Trust me, I’ve been there, bought the t-shirt, and then grew out of it. First start with pants; specially those pants from 5 years ago. Try them all on. If they fit you, awesome! Fold them up and put them to the side. If they don’t fit throw them in the bag to give away. After pants comes shirts. The ratty tshirt that is so comfy but has way too many holes needs to go. Tank tops that your chest completely falls out of, gone. Whatever you have left push to the side. We are not done with those yet.
The final run though of clothes to get rid of must include underwear, socks, tights and bras. Parting from bras is difficult I know, they are way to expensive and you broke them in just perfect. But the bras that are actually broken need to go. But there is a trick! If you bought your bras from Victoria Secrets they have a lifetime warranty. If they still have the style in stock they will replace the broken bra with an exact replica! It will save you a few bucks and your boobs will be thankful for it.
Once you completely trimmed the fat off of your closet, the organizing begins. The only way to truly know what you have is the keep it organized. The easiest again is to work from the pants up. Have a place for jeans, dress pants and skirts. If you have enough room I would even organize skirts between work and going out skirts, but that maybe be going a bit far for some of you. Now face the mountain of shirts I know you still have. These should be separated!! Have a drawer for tshirts (they are the greatest of all the shirts and deserve their own drawer). Plus you most likely have a lot of them. Then have a place for tanks that can go under shirts or cardigans. A tank in every basic color means you are pretty much set! Then hang up your dress shirts next to your pants and skirts!
Now you not only made room for new clothes, but you also know exactly what you need to buy. Having an organized closet means saving money, so you can get the most clothes without breaking the bank to much. Start with the necessities and work up from there. If you keep your closet organized you will be able to mix and match outfits that normally would have been lost behind the pile of clothes you were waiting to fit back into. Organize your closet and prepare for a whole new you!
@beywatch haha, I have a lot of practice with this. I am always surprised when I find something that I really love and just forgot about it.
@stargaze yas! my friend works at one and told me!! I was like HOW HAVE I NEVER KNOWN THIS
@MaryArnone SAME! I ended up finding a lot of pants that I could wear to work that I had completely forgotten about. And some of them were actually really expensive.. whoops.
@MaryArnone I just did this recently too, but it certainly didn't take me only 4 hours. More like 4 weeks! This is what happens when you let it get that bad lol.
VS bra lifetime warranty??? I didn't know this recycling system exist! So do you just bring it in and they'll replace it?
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