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New songs! (demo)
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@jeff4122 First of all, thanks a lot for the great comments. I'm a independent singer-songwriter from Korea. Gus is my stage name.
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I really like it. Congratulations! Do you have any artists you think of as particularly influential?
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@jeff4122 Well, I love the 90's music mostly. Nirvana,Radiohead,Pearl Jam,Soundgarden and so on... And some blues Stevie Ray Vaughan, bb king... Do you like any of these artists?
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@GusBenevolent definitely yes! I really like Nirvana (especially the MTV Unplugged album - it's one of my favorites of any artist), and Radiohead are so great. I think people have forgotten about them of late and it's a shame. I love blues - BB King, Clapton and more. It sounds like we have pretty similar taste hahah
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