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"So you are saying if a missile was headed straight towards us, you still wouldn't tell us so we could evacuate because it could compromise THE FUCKING MISSION."
"yeah, I would."
"Well you are an asshole. In the zombie apocalypse I will kill you first."
"If you survive."
Anyone who has reps a fandom knows that fandom battles can erupt into World War III very quickly. It's usually amazing when it happens online, but when it happens in person amongst friends, thats when it gets really shitty.
After becoming addicted to the CW show The 100, and by addicted I mean my friends and I all watched both seasons in a span of 5 days...twice, we experienced the biggest fandom fight to ever rock our friendship. To not give away any spoilers since you should all be going to watch the show right now (seriously its amazing) I will give you a few brief, but extremely helpful, pointers on how to not let a fandom fight erupt into an all out brawl.
1. Figure out whose on your side...Fast
We were pretty divided on the outcome of a particular turn of events. What I should says is DICK MOVE OF THE CENTURY but to avoid spoilers I won't go into it. Two of us against the two "Others" as I shall call them. Its nice at the beginning of a fight to know who has your back, that way you can feed off of each other not only in ideas but also insults.
2. Screaming is always acceptable, yet not always the best course of action
As someone who speaks loud at all times, and argument just makes my voice go even higher. The second you start yelling the Others will start yelling over you to be heard. While this isn't exactly debate class and theres no real reason for the fight, the only way to actually win is to keep your cool. Or at least act like you are.
3. After the fight give each other space to cool off
When we finally had to agree to disagree the two groups had to separate for a little breathing room. In those minutes you can talk to your partner in hushed tones about how right you are, but don't let the others hear you. That will only start an argument all over again.
4. Do not drink while watching the show
Trust me. It only makes things so much worse. One of us ended up tackling the other onto the couch and some below the belt shots were fired. Watching sober may be the best way to handle something everyone feels so passionately about. Leave your drunk aggressions to the faceless online user who is trying to start shit with you; as for your friends, just try and remember why you loved them in the first place.
@shannonl5 lmfaooooo I'm crying!! I know i hate when i think of some amazing point to late!
You didn't include my tried and true tactic: hide my head in the sand until everyone forgets I'm there, then jump in with a salient point ten years too late