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There seems to be a shift in what brides are wearing for jewelry these days. Designers are popping up with bigger, chunkier pieces than traditional items that are normally tiny and almost so small, one might miss it entirely.
Enter Siena Lasker, a modern jeweler for modern brides. Her aesthetic is more BoHo and alternative, but with an homage to grandma's costume jewelry of the 1950s. There's also a shift from diamonds and expected jewels to stones like moonstone and lapis.
Grey sapphire earrings: $875; (top) grey sapphire diamond bezel ring, $1,000; grey sapphire diamond bezel ring, $500
Moonstone Mandala necklace, $475; Moonstone earrings, $750; Moonstone diamond bezel ring: $500
Aquamarine diamond bezel teardop on oxidized sterling silver chain, $600; diamond feather earrings, $1000; Moonstone diamond bezel stone bracelets with aquamarine beads, $375 each; Moonstone diamond bezel ring, $400; diamond and opal bangles, $725 each
Pink opal beaded necklace with diamond ruby nugget, $750; Pink chalcedony earrings, $800;Morganite diamond bezel ring, $375
Moonstone and diamond bibb necklace, $1,550; Moonstone diamond bezel ring (top), $400; Moonstone diamond ribbon ring on right hand,$500
This trend might be influenced by the rising vintage wedding theme.
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