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Whoooooo boy. Kingdom Hearts is one of my all-time favorite game series. For whatever reason, the whimsical combination of Disney lore and characters with Square Enix's established lore and characters meshes really well for me. I remember picking up the first game when I was in my early teens, a random pick from a shelf in a Toys'R'Us. I didn't know what I was getting into. I'm glad that I did it, though.
Fast forward a dozen years and I'm sat in front of my TV screen, yelling obscenities and nearly snapping my controller in half out of indignant frustration. A little while ago I picked up Kingdom Hearts 2: HD ReMIX, mostly because of the addition of KH: Birth By Sleep, but also to replay KH2 in its remastered form. Now, I've come a long way in my videogame playing career, and so I approach games differently now. Whenever I jump into a game now, I immediately jump for the hardest available difficulty. It gives me more of a challenge and it is ultimately more rewarding when I beat the game.
So, when I booted up KH2, I saw that the highest available difficulty was Critical Mode. So I jumped into that.
SWEET HEAVENLY CHRIST.It is hard. It is suuuuuuuuper hard.
It makes hard things look.... I don't know. Soft?
The cool thing is that you start with a whole plethora of abilites and AP points that you otherwise wouldn't. You also do 25% more damage. However, you only get half the health and magic that you normally would, and the enemies also do more damage. Basically it means that things die faster. Either that's you or the enemies.
It also makes certain parts of the game controller-breakingly difficult. Particularly the Olympus Coliseum part. Particularly escaping from Hades' inner sanctum. WHY CAN'T I HIT YOU HADES OH BUT YOU CAN HIT ME WITH ENDLESS FIRAGA OK THEN THATS COOL THAT MAKES SENSE YOU GIANT PIECE OF
But yeah. play critical mode. It makes you feel amazing to beat it.
Beating Terra on critical... took 5 hours, 39 tries and all of my sanity.
@AdamDean that was me, but when fighting master eraqus