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McDonald’s has had a lot of press the past several months. First with the #fightfor15 protests to increase worker wages. Then when the numbers came out for May, McDonalds saw a decline in sales.
And today, McDonald’s company announced their latest hiring move, Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs as their new chief of communications.
And Twitter is having lots of fun with that announcement.
"Robert and Silvia (the other hiree, former Bacardi chief marketing officer) are both highly-respected, talented leaders who will bring a wealth of experience and outside perspective to McDonald's as we build a more modern, progressive burger company," Easterbrook said in the press release.
But is hiring a former press secretary a better move for McDonalds, or is this just another way to cover up the complicated business problems?
This "progressive burger" company might need to think about who they were hiring if they really wanted to improve their image.
Agreed. It’s a weird one. How a former secretary press secretary will help with their’s beyond me. Maybe they are just appealing to educated white guys even more?
Their current ad campaign is really strange to me... just not really sure who it's appealing to. Well dressed, clean-shaven, apparently educated white guys who make bad jokes about hashtags? They usually have pretty solid ads but the newer ones are really odd