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Summer is the most amazing time of year. Yes, it is better than Christmas. It is 3 months of warm weather and afternoons that stretch on forever. I personally like to spend my time on the beach, in the park, and eating ice cream, because whoever can ignore the ice cream truck is a stronger person then I. However, this summer I want to make some slight improvements! And three months is the perfect time frame to try new things.
1. Read at least 5 books Sounds like a lot, but for all the beach days and lounging around you will be flying through books. Also if you check out my other post Books To Read Before The Movie Comes Out you already have a list of awesome books to read!
2. Do not think any negative thoughts about your appearance In the summer I know its hard. Crop tops, shorts and bikinis assault your eyes everywhere you look. So instead of looking in the mirror and seeing everything you don't like, talk about what you love. Self love should be everyones goal and working towards it during the most difficult self love months will be amazing.
3. Drink more water then soda! No one wants to feel sluggish during the summer and soda will do just that. Stay hydrated and light with water! There are so many cool detox waters that you can try, just check out the health section!
4. Check out some volunteer projects There are so many projects you can do, even if it is just raising money or awareness! If you live in a major city there are always community outreach projects or gardening projects. Sign up for a soup kitchen for one day. It will change your perspective and keep you grounded while the frivolous summer nights fly past.
5. Try to spend some time with your family Coming from someone who never enjoys just sitting at home, spending time with my family becomes a bit difficult when I am always on the run. Try to set a day aside where you can eat dinner with them, or go to the beach, or do any activity really thats family oriented. With stress levels extremely low during summer nights, hanging out with the family will be more fun than fights I promise.
6. Do something touristy Take a day trip, or better yet a weekend trip somewhere new! The notion that tourists are annoying and lame is stupid because they are just people trying to experience new cultures and experiences. So even if you are just going to the next nearest city near you, you will always stumble across something new and interesting.
7. Try something that scares you So basic I know. But the only way to grow is to experience new thing so jump off the high dive at the pool, try Indian food or buy an outfit that totally isn't your style but you love anyway. Summer is meant to be careful so enjoy yourself!
@esha thats awesome! I'm actually a pretty big reader myself and always on the hunt for more haha I can never get enough
I love reading I Read more than one or 2 books Nd even sumtime in one day .
Thinking of the Quarry in Vermont. Priceless