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Based on my Lyric of the Day #4 ( and following the exciting idea by @VinMcCarthy in his venture to turn songs into poems...
[The original lyric was, "What is the color and the number / when happiness begins?]
What is the Color when happiness begins?
Does it start with the screaming yellows and oranges
of the rising sun?
The endless white
of a young boy sledding on a lunch tray?
Is it the dark passing of an old friend
whose memory leaves a glowing stain?
Or the bright red
of a rose, delivered by a lover
after a day's hard work?
What is the Number when happiness begins?
Is it zero -
the zeroes following a long-awaited paycheck?
A phone number acquired,
a price paid,
a calorie lost,
a friend made?
I think it could use a more complete ending, but it's a start. Definitely a worthy exercise.